Genomics for human health

NGS services

New sequencing technologies are changing the way scientists and doctors approach their genomic and clinical studies. The use of these genomic technologies coupled with the appropriate bioinformatic analysis allows the massive and simultaneous study of millions of DNA fragments in a single experiment for the identification of relevant genetic variants, accurate measuring of expression changes or identification of differential methylation status.  The use of these technologies increases sample processing throughput and data generation speed, together with a drastic reduction in per-base sequencing costs. 

qGenomics started offering Next Generation Sequencing services in early 2011 as this technology became affordable to a vast majority of researchers and clinicians. Our NGS experts have an important track of publications using these technologies.
We can provide you with a complete solution for any NGS experiment, including design, execution, data analysis and interpretation of relevant findings. Alternatively, we also just handle and reanalyze sequencing data produced by third parties for which only partial bioinformatic analysis has been performed.